Today we’ll talk about the 10 Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Install and never look back!

WordPress is one of the largest website platforms in the world, with over 20% of the 10 million most popular websites utilizing their resources. As WordPress continues to grow, the website is increasing its compatibility with plugins; instruments and tools designed to help improve your website on a multitude of levels.

Whether you are at the beginning of your WordPress journey or a seasoned blogger or website developer, WordPress plugins can help enhance your website, improve your hits and generate larger website traffic flow. Do you know the essential WordPress Plugins you should install? Read more to find out.

What is a Plugin?

A Plugin is a type of software that has a series of functions programmed into it. They can perform a variety of tasks that may not be available with the regular functions on your current web-based platform. Plugins are great for website development because they can be used in conjunction with the main website platform without overloading the platform’s mainframe.

They also serve a variety of purposes, from adding extra features, to revealing additional stats, to adding security, and more! So, the essential WordPress plugins you should install for your website will vary depending on what kind of website you are running. However, there are a few main ones that will enhance any WordPress user’s experience.

Let’s see the 10 Essential WordPress Plugins you should install to your wordpress site.

The 5 Essential WordPress Plugins


If you are interested in enhancing your website’s security, WordFence is one of the most comprehensive plugins to add an additional layer of protection to your site. This tool has been downloaded over 10 million times by WordPress users and many users rave about its easy-to-use features.

This one of the best 10 Essential WordPress Plugins and the most installed along the wordpress community tailored to security plugins.

Their team consists of experts in cyber defense and have the latest security modules that make sure that your website is not accessed easily by hackers, which can make you feel better that your website content is secure.


In conjunction with WordFence, Clef works to increase your security from the initial login page. It can easily take the 2nd placement of the 10 Essential WordPress Plugins guide.

Rather than a simple username and password, Clef works through the use of a 2-step verification process with a confirmation process on your Smart Phone.

Then, you type the confirmation code into the computer before being allowed to continue. This ensures that no other users will be able to enter your website without your permission.

WP Super Cache

Another plugin in our 10 Essential WordPress Plugins list is wp super cache.

When you are working on your website you may be improving the appearance of additional images and layouts. However, this can be very heavy on your website causing it to load more slowly, which decreases overall user satisfaction and decreases traffic to your site.

As we mentioned in a previous article, caching plugins, rather than uploading all of the information to each user every time one comes to visit your site, “copies and pastes” the information from one user to the next, expediting your loading time and getting your users your content more quickly.

New User Approve

If you have a team of people running your website, in order to add a layer of security, it may be a good idea for each user to have his or her own login. New User Approve allows the owner of the account to preview, accept or reject new users and decide what level of access he or she has to the site.

For example, some users may only be able to edit or write blog posts while others may be able to completely change the layout and theme of the site. This feature works really well with the User Switching Plug, which allows you to seamlessly switch from one user to another, rather than continuously having to log out and log back in on the same computer.

Let us continue with our 10 Essential WordPress Plugins list.

Cimy User Extra Fields

If you are looking to enhance the look and features on your website, the Cimy User Extra Fields Plug-In is a great one to use. You can add extra buttons, images, and avatars to your site that can really improve your website’s look and make it look more interactive. It works by adding additional fields to your editing page, where you can insert the new data you want in order to improve your site.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the many plugins available for WordPress. While not all WordPress plugins work with every platform, the ones listed above can be utilized on virtually every website to add security, increase speed and include new features on your site.

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