7 Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Solutions for your business

Cloud storage has become everything from sharing photos, movies, professional documents, and even school documents. Cloud storage refers to storing data on online platforms. Business records are vital, and thus one should look for a cloud provider that provides safety malicious software and hackers. In addition to this, one should look for a platform that is user-friendly and accessible from any device.

Luckily, several cloud hosting companies have addressed this issue. Cloud storage has become everything from sharing photos, movies, professional documents, and even school documents. Business information plays a major role in the overall success of an organization, and for this, one business should find a way to store data safely.


Best cloud storage solutions in Canada

To determine which is the best cloud storage provider for your needs, it is best you understand what is offered by each company. One should also look at what value the cloud storage provider will bring to your business before making a decision. Having said all that, lets us now look at the best cloud storage companies one can opt for in Canada.


Sync.com has been termed as a secure-version of Dropbox and have trusted by over 700,000 customers and business all globally. Based on its reviews, we have concluded that this the most feature-packed cloud solution for any business storage needs. This cloud solution ticks all the boxes when it comes to speed utility, security measures, and affordable pricing.

Sync.com will work out for your business and personal needs through the effortless sharing and collaboration on the platform. You get a basic plan of 1 TB for $5 per month.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers an array of impressive features that will put your business in a better position. Some of the common features allow you impressive integration with Google services like Google+ and amazing search capabilities. The best part about this platform is you enjoy 5GB free upon signing up. Google Drive is ideal for individuals who travel a lot and require access to their data from time to time.

Using Google Drive is straightforward as the folders are installed, and the platform automatically syncs data uploaded.


pCloud was launched in 2013 and has been able to stand out as a dynamic candidate in the cloud storage industry. This platform hosts remarkable clients like Uber, Twitter, Coca Cola, and BMW. If you are not sure whether the platform will work out for you, you get a 10 GB trail that offers pCloud Transfer Service and private encryption. The pCloud Transfer Service allows users to transfer big files of up to 5GB up to a maximum of ten recipients. The platform offers users a lifetime plan of 2 TB at affordable prices.

Sounds convincing, but don’t make up your mind before checking other available options.


Dropbox has been known for exceeding user expectations since it was founded in 2007. The platform provides security, speed, storage space, and user-friendly features to its users. The platform is designed for everyone, as it is ideal for sharing personal photos and professional documents. If you are new to cloud storage, this is probably the best platform for you. The platform offers 2 GB of storage space to new users. The platform operates using a referral program where users get up to 16 GB for every new user they refer.

Microsoft One Drive

Known for its flexible prices, Microsoft One Drive has a good reputation as it is among the giants in the tech industry. This cloud storage provider has not left any stones unturned with its amazing features and advanced integration. To have access to the platform, you only need to cater $5/ month. With this price, you get to enjoy powerful tools, advanced security features, and easy sharing of data.


Tresorit is ranked among the best cloud service storage platform available. The storage system is secure and well encrypted. It is based in Switzerland and best preferred for its patented security features. The only major flaw is that Tresorit is very expensive.


If you are looking for a platform that is budget-friendly, you need to consider MEGA. This cloud-based storage system is designed by Kim Dotcom, one of the most notorious internet entrepreneurs in the decade. The platform offers 50 GB as a free trial and an additional 10 GB for every new friend you invite.

Important cloud storage features one should consider before making a decision

•Multi-device access

One should look at whether their desired platform can be accessed from various devices. A good platform should offer you access to their services from your smartphone, desktop, laptop, and tablet whenever you need it. The cloud-storage you choose should have apps on all the mentioned platforms.

•File sharing capabilities

In the current world, we tend to share everything from photos, files, audio, and text. For this reason, one should look for a platform that offers various file-sharing options at ease. A platform that allows you to edit files online should be given an upper hand. The decision is yours to make, depending on the type of data you intend to share.

•Mobile Apps

Look for a platform that is compatible with the commonly used mobile operating systems. Apart from the mobile operating systems, one should look at what their desktop and laptops can hold. A good platform should be compatible with Android+ windows or iOS+ OSX.


You want to be sure that your private data and records are safe in cloud storage. For this reason, only consider platforms with high-security levels. Where possible, you can look at the levels of encryptions used on the platform. The major thing to consider here is the cybersecurity measures put in place.

There are various malicious software and hackers that can breach security measures stealing your credentials and other important files. Bear in mind you are exposed to computer viruses and malicious software; thus, make sure you set a strong password and where necessary two-factor authentication whenever someone requests access to your files. In addition to this, it is vital to have hacking prevention tools.

•Bandwidth and Transfer Speed

Investing in high performing platforms in bandwidth is vital for your business. To land yourself on such a platform, take time to consider the data –in-flight options available and WAN performance rates.

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