Best Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2020

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic opportunity to generate revenues from your website or blog without the issues of directly purchasing, selling or delivering the products. Nevertheless, it is essential to come across the most effective affiliate platforms for maximizing your profits in the long run.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing will allow the blog owners, websites, app developers as well as social media influencers to generate revenues by Marketing-Platforms Best Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2020promoting the products of any company or companies to their viewers. It is likewise used for generating more sales via enhanced exposure provided by the affiliates who will receive a certain portion of every sale for which they are responsible.

The way it functions for the affiliates is straightforward: commence a website, blog, and so forth which generates an adequate amount of traffic every month, connect with any affiliate program out there as well as its merchants and then market the products of the merchants to the visitors. The affiliate will receive a certain commission for every sale.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the most notable affiliate platforms of 2020.


This is amongst the biggest affiliate platforms available right now, and they have over 20 years of experience collecting the affiliate marketers with the merchants. This program was purchased recently by an international affiliate marketing network known as Awin. ShareASale is chosen by many affiliate marketers because of the simple and straightforward registration procedure which will take not more than a few minutes. Moreover, it will allow you to add multiple websites very easily. This platform is recommended for those affiliate marketers who have a fairly hectic schedule and would like to add affiliate links to their websites rather quickly.

The Pros:

• Simple-to-use interface

• Sign-up does not take much time

• It is easy to add affiliate links after the sign-up

• A large catalog of products is also offered to select from

The Cons:Marketing Best Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2020

• The minimum payout is $50

• An account may be canceled if it remains at $25 or even less for a certain span of time

Amazon Associates

Being the biggest e-commerce platform out there, Amazon Associates can boast of having in excess of a hundred million Amazon Prime subscribers right now. An Amazon Associates platform is also offered by them which will enable anybody to become an affiliate. This platform makes it simple to add affiliate links to your blog or website while the registration procedure is simple as well as free.

The Pros:

• It is possible to find, add and also make money from any product out there

• The sign-up process is quite simple and free

• Anybody can join

The Cons:

• Although fantastic for the beginners it doesn’t offer generous commission rates

• There is no digital payment system

CJ Affiliate

Formally known as Commission Junction, this platform was first opened in the year 1988 and is amongst the longest-serving affiliate programs out there. Having established lots of reputation, this platform reaches numerous global clients every single month. Nevertheless, their application procedure is somewhat complicated and is more appropriate for the popular and established sites instead of beginners.

The Pros:

• Offers quality vendors and products

• Provide detailed analytics like real-time transaction tracking

The Cons:

• Somewhat difficult acceptance process


Marketing-Platforms-CANADA Best Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2020This is one program which you will either love or hate depending on the sort of products you are planning to advertise and the significance of a wide array of products to select from. However, you will have plenty to love this platform since its interface is quite simple to use plus the commission rates are quite generous. ClickBank is recommended for all individuals who are comparatively unknown to affiliate marketing and are intending to primarily advertise digital products like e-books.

The Pros:

• Comes with a generous commission rate

• One can easily make money from fewer sales

• Also provides instructional information for the affiliate marketers

The Cons:

• Not possible to market non-digital products

• Might not be appropriate for those who like to advertise other types of products

Target Affiliates

This one is a fantastic solution for the affiliates who are searching for an alternative to Amazon Associates. They come with a wide-ranging inventory of items, and it will be possible to advertise any of these products on your website, blog or social media for receiving a particular commission from the sale. This platform is appropriate for all those who shop at Target plus would like to have reputable name recognition along with the products promoted by them.

The Pros:

• Apart from the wide-ranging collection of items, Target has substantial name recognition

• Their website features a comprehensive FAQ section

The Cons:

• Commission rates are not that high as compared to the other markets

• Target is known for the in-person locations instead of an online presence

eBay Partners

Just like Amazon, eBay is likewise amongst the biggest e-commerce marketplaces right now. They provide an innovative eBay Partners program which will enable almost anybody to make a profit from eBay sales. The platform is convenient as well as simple to get started and it is ideal for all those who do not know much about affiliate marketing. The sign-up procedure is free and there is no need to make an application to any individual vendor. This platform is suggested for all those who like a wide-ranging collection of items to pick from particularly affiliates who are using eBay at present for shopping purposes.

The Pros:

• Comes with a huge collection of products from innumerable vendors

• Simple to add affiliate links to your blog or website

• Can easily monitor earnings in the eBay Partners account

The Cons:

• The commission rates might not be generous as some other sites


This one is an exclusive service which helps to connect advertisers with the affiliates directly and there is no need for the affiliate to actively look for fantastic deals from the advertisers themselves. They receive excellent deals for affiliates such as in verticals like home services, financial, health, beauty, and so on. Clickbooth is appropriate for an experienced affiliate, app developer, email marketer, and so on.

The Pros:

• The payment is quite fast and in full each time

• Provide various payment strategies

The Cons:

• Is intended for the more experienced affiliates in particular


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