The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for E-commerce In A Complete Post

Starting an online business has never been easier than it is today. You do not even need any coding skills. You just need to go online and the best word press plugins for e-commerce are readily available for use. Then again the saying, Do not judge a book by its cover,’ never seems to go out of fashion does it? Even though all these plugins promise efficiency and sometimes even increased sales not all of them deliver. We have come up with a list of the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. This way you will not get disappointed.

The 6 Best WordPress Plugins for E-commerce

1. Woocommerce

This rated the best plugin by most online entrepreneurs. It works well for both digital and physical goods. Its recent integration with Envira Gallery allows the sale of photographs as well. You can also sell external and affiliate products through Woocommerce. It has several features that make successful e-commerce possible these are:

*SSL certification guaranteeing customer security

*Several payment and shipping options with add ons to include tax as well

*Comprehensive Inventory management

*Real time sales reports

*Built in marketing tools

*Allows coupon use

*Extensive customer support and documentation to help with the use of the plugin

*Hundreds of add ons available for the customization and extension of the shop

2. Easy Download

The Easy Digital Download is specialized for digital goods. It is one of the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce for several reasons. We have listed them below.

*Easy to install and operate. The interface is friendly both to the customers and the seller

*Hundreds of add ons available for extension and customization

*Integrates easily with any WordPress theme

*Several Easy Download themes available to choose from

*Accepts multiple payment options

* Has a cart system that enables purchase of several items at once

* Shows the entire payment history

* The easy download support service is excellent. This is through Support forms, tutorials, videos and an IRC chat room

3. iThemes Exchange

This is another excellent online business solution. It allows for the sale of both digital and physical goods. Its simplicity makes it one of the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce. It is able to meet all of a business’ needs despite being very understated. Here is a list of it features:

*Very quick to set up and it is also easy to use

*Simple and intuitive interface for users

*A wide variety of add ons for customization

*Great checkout facility. Clutter free, its forms are easy to fill and it directs buyers to the same site for payments

*Free stripe add on that makes payment easier

4. WP Ecommerce

WP Ecommerce also accommodates both physical and digital products. Its customizability and flexible payment options make it one of the best platforms for e-commerce. Here are some of its features:

*Every part of the layout can be customized

*Accepts multiple shipping and payment methods

*The checkout process is very easy

*It accommodates both memberships and subscriptions

*WP Ecommerce features are split into add ons so you only see those functions you need

*Free stripe add on

5. Jigo Shop Ecommerce

This is an upgrade from the previous Jigo Shop. Support for the older version ended in April this year. This new version has all the great features of Jigo shop plus several additions with regard to current market trends and demands. It will soon top the list of the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce. Here is why:

*Takes less than 30 minutes to set up

*User friendly interface

*Several usage options including currency, catalog, payments, shipping and unlimited allowance for tax settings

* Real time business reports these include sales reports and inventory levels with warnings for impending stock outs

*Hundreds of extensions to customize and extend your shop

*Customizable email receipts for individual products

*Tracking numbers for shipped goods that are automatically emailed to customers

6. Cart 66

This is another plugin that meets and exceeds customer expectations. Here you can sell both physical and digital products. Digital products are sold through integration with Amazon . It has several great features that make it worth your time.

*Their customer support team helps you set up the online shop

*Extensive payment and shipping options

*Allows for subscriptions and membership

*Minimum and maximum purchase quantities can be set

*Accepts donation

* Super-efficient customer support team

Our goal for this list is that it will help you separate the professionals from the amateurs. Now that you are aware of the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce you will make the right decision. You will select a plugin that will make running your business easier rather than harder. With the ease of management your business will reach its full potential. All the best on your journey to business success!

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