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Although HostGator can be considered to be amongst the oldest and biggest web hosting companies out there, they're nevertheless making improvements at present posting an uptime of 99% on average during the last 2 years.

The basic shared hosting plans of HostGator come with unlimited bandwidth, storage, a free SSL certificate, as well as free domain. They likewise feature outstanding customer service that will be able to connect by means of a live chat instantaneously and answer every single query within several seconds.

However, one significant downside of HostGator is their average page loading time. A lot of additional services such as security and backups will require extra fees. Moreover, after the expiry of your first term, the renewal rates are going to rise aggressively.

Below, we have mentioned the pros and cons of HostGator that you will encounter right now.

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HostGator Pros

The uptime performance of HostGator used to be a problem in the previous years. However, it is not a fact anymore. Apart from this, their customer support is quite friendly as well as fast. Here is a quick summary:

  1. Stable and powerful uptime of 99%

A 99% uptime has been posted by HostGator during the last 2 years. In fact, they have been quite consistent with this uptime for several months. However, there are even more advantages than this. They have been consistent for one particular reason which is that in case their uptime drops below 99%, you are going to receive 1 month of credit on the count of yours. Of course, you need to request for the credit by submitting a support ticket within one month to the billing department.

Several other hosts have also been seen to offer uptime guarantees in recent times, and this implies that it is quite beneficial for the customers. This will help to increase the standard for the industry as a whole in the long run. Everybody else on the market is forced to increase the standard service level by matching their guarantee or they have the risk of lagging behind.

  1. Proper support

HostGator is known to offer a knowledge base, email, phone, as well as live chat support. In fact, the option mentioned last is the quickest out there which is able to connect to a service representative within only 15 seconds.

In spite of asking them lots of questions while jumping from one topic to another, they are not going to hesitate whatsoever. It seems that the staff is quite well-trained, knowledgeable, as well as amicable. They will provide you with a good experience after all.

  1. 45-day cash-back guarantee

Being extremely confident in their service, HostGator has extended the 30-day refund policy to an additional 14 days. This implies that you will be able to use them for more than 30 days and will still be able to get the purchased price back in case there is any problem. This lucrative money-back guarantee actually applies to every single reseller, shared, as well as VPS hosting packages.

The only downside is the fact that it does not apply to the administrative fees and dedicated servers of HostGator. However, it has been found that these types of limitations are quite common at present within the hosting industry.

Therefore, for instance, in case your plan includes a free domain name, a standard charge of $15 will be deducted by them from the refund amount for the domain.

There are several other points to consider. The terms of HostGator actually provide them with as many as 90 days for issuing a refund. Refunds will not be given on money order, check, bank wire transfers, or Western Union payments.

You will only get refunds for any new account or plan. Therefore, you will not get anything in case you have signed up for an account or plan previously and are making an attempt to cancel renewal. Also, it should be mentioned here that the foreign currency refunds will be processed depending on the exchange rates of the US dollar.

  1. Site security features

The shared hosting plans of HostGator are quite bare-bones. Although you will be getting enough for a particular site, you will not get many additional things in the long run.

Luckily, several additional security features including the capability of including SiteLock monitoring to your website are offered by them. This particular service is going to run regularly while searching for any possible site hacks or breaches and will inform you instantly once they are found.

Spam Assassin is likewise offered on the email plans for preventing spam from appearing in the inbox.

SiteLock's only drawback is that they are going to charge you somewhat extra. This will be explained below in more detail in the cons section; however, the price of the sticker is $1.67 every month which is billed at $19.99 yearly.

  1. Free site and cPanel mitigations

In case it is not your initial site, and you are making an attempt to move a present one over, HostGator will be there to help you. Following sign-up, you'll be having 30 days for coming in touch and getting their assistance in moving any databases, site files, and scripts over on your behalf.

This is going to consist of a comprehensive cPanel transfer. Consequently, in case you have more than one site install, you're going to be covered. All the shared hosting plans of HostGator come with one single site migration included.

As compared to certain hosts, only one free site migration is not adequate. However, it is nevertheless better as compared to others such as Bluehost which will be charging $150 to move as many as 5 sites simultaneously.

HostGator Cons

Frankly speaking, the consistently strong uptime of HostGator is somewhat surprising. Another positive aspect is the uptime guarantee of HostGator. Apart from this, their useful customer support and beginner-friendly approach imply that their service is quite user-friendly and beneficial.

However, there are also certain drawbacks when it comes to HostGator. Below, we have mentioned the most notable of them:

  1. Slow page speed (more than one second for loading)

The servers of HostGator would have no problems in keeping your site up and running. The issue here is that the servers are actually consistently slow. The loading speed of these servers is approximately 1191ms on average.

The comparatively simple and text-based pages take more than one second for loading. Therefore, it is easy to imagine what might happen in case these pages are filled up with 1000s of words as well as plenty of high-resolution graphics. Slow loading times of pages can affect the experience of your visitor directly.

  1. Lots of additional charges for “genuine” backups, malware and Gmail

The shared hosting plans of HostGator are quite inexpensive with the introductory price starting at just $2.75 every month. Their most inexpensive plan features only one domain name, unlimited storage, 1-click installations of well-known applications such as Joomla, WordPress, and so on, as well as an SSL certificate which is available for free. These are actually all the essential features that you will require for a comprehensive website.

However, this is all about what is provided by them in the default plans. You need to pay additional fees for all the “additional” stuff such as Gmail access, site backups, SEO tools, as well as SiteLock monitoring.

It is somewhat disappointing since most of these features have been worded meticulously on the site, such as “available” which will make you believe that they are already included. As compared to HostGator, many other top hosts are known to include all these within their basic costs. You'll be able to understand that you need to pay additional fees for all these additional features only when you're going to enter the billing information.

Gmail is the normal $5 every month or $60 every year for each user, and this is their normal cost. However, you need to pay $19.99 every year for SiteLock and $23.95 every year for CodeGuard (for backing up your sites).

Therefore, although the initial plan might appear to be affordable at first, it will begin to get fairly costly in the long run.

  1. Conventional pricing “tricks”

Apart from the additional fees, HostGator likewise pulls a couple of pricing tricks.

The first one is marketing a low rate such as $2.75 every month until you actually realize that you need to prepay for as many as 3 years to get it. Or else, you need to pay $10.95 every month for getting service worth a single month.

However, it is simply the beginning. Because, apart from this, the renewal pricing of HostGator will jump dramatically following the expiry of your initial plan. You might go ahead and pay that reduced rate for 3 years. Undoubtedly, you will receive a fairly good deal.

However, the trouble will start when you need to renew the plan in 3 years. The monthly rate for the identical plan will jump to $6.95 every month at this particular point which is more than twice what you have paid for the identical service.

Basically, they are actually preying on the point that there is less possibility for you to switch services after several years. As a result, you are locked in temporarily.

Plans and features of HostGator

Different types of hosting plans are offered by HostGator at present. You'll be able to select from dedicated servers, shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting plans. All of these plans offer lots of features and are appropriate for various hosting and budget requirements.

Below, we will mention some of these plans which are offered by HostGator.

  1. Shared hosting

This is the most effective way of starting a fresh site having low traffic. Resources are shared by your website with other sites hosted on the identical server on a shared hosting environment.

  1. Cloud hosting

Unlike a shared hosting account which is restricted to only one server, cloud hosting makes use of multiple servers. This particular plan will be ideal for you in case your site receives traffic spikes on a regular basis.

  1. WordPress hosting

This is the shared hosting plan of HostGator which has been optimized for the websites that have been powered by WordPress. It helps to optimize performance and also safeguard your site from any WordPress attack.

  1. Virtual Private Server

You'll be able to manage your virtual resources with the help of Virtual Private Server or VPS on a cloud hosting platform. This is ideal for developing websites having traffic spikes quite frequently.

  1. Dedicated server

Dedicated hosting will provide you with a server for hosting your site only. However, it is imperative for you to maintain it on your own.

Breakdown of the shared hosting plans of HostGator

Shared hosting plans will be excellent for fresh websites as well as beginners. You will be able to set up your site easily with their help and thus you will be able to get an increased amount of traffic in the long run. Your hosting can be upgraded afterward as your website develops.

The shared hosting plans of HostGator are available in 3 different levels. Every single plan consists of unlimited bandwidth as well as storage. The primary difference is the number of sites that can be hosted by you.

  • Hatchling: You'll be able to host only a single website using this plan. It comes with a standard set of innovative features and incorporates a 1-click WordPress installer as well.
  • Baby: You'll be able to host an unlimited number of websites using this particular plan. It incorporates all the features provided by the previously mentioned Hatchling plan, and you will also be able to use add-ons like private SSL.
  • Business: This is ideal for small business sites. The Business plan incorporates a free SSL certificate as well as free dedicated IP that will be required by you for creating an e-commerce site.

HostGator customer support

It is a fact that one of the most effective customer services is offered by HostGator in the industry. This consists of around-the-clock phone as well as live chat support plus email support. Their support portal can be found within your hosting dashboard. This portal will allow you to find prompt answers to your queries from a knowledge base of more than 500 video tutorials and in excess of 700 articles.

Every single account in HostGator is comprehensively guaranteed by Adam Farrar, the CEO. In case you encounter any issue with the regular customer support service, you'll be able to request your ticket to be dispensed to Farrar. In that case, you will be responding personally to every single ticket which has been assigned to him.


After going through this comprehensive HostGator review, you might be thinking whether HostGator is appropriate for you. You will find from this review as well as other similar HostGator reviews on the Internet that different types of hosting plans are offered by HostGator which will fit every budget and requirement. In fact, they can boast of offering all the tools which will be required by you to build a site. In excess of 3 million customers have trusted HostGator already. It hardly matters whether you are an expert Internet Pro, or simply starting out with your initial site, you'll find every single tool that will be required for bringing your site to the subsequent level.

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