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HostPapa Review: Hosting Features, Updated News & User Reviews

HostPapa is a privately owned and operated web hosting company that is based in Oakville, Ontario. As a web hosting service provider, this company was exclusively designed to offer reliable, customer oriented and easy to use web hosting solutions for small businesses, medium business and personal use. This web hosting company offers extremely strong virtual private and strong shared packages at extremely affordable prices. With that said, here is what you really need to know about the web hosting companies.

What Do They Offer?

HostPapa offers only one single package, which was priced at 6.99 dollars. Currently, the company offers a discount of 44 per cent hence the price has been decreased to 3.95 dollars per month. By visiting the company’s homepage, the customers have a chance to receive the discount. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, however this policy is only available for the web hosting plans. Fees which have been paid for domain privacy domain names, mobile websites, setup fees and any kind of add on service is not refundable. Thus, purchase from the company is 100 per cent risk free. Furthermore, the company offers different kind of payment options including PayPal and credit cards. The one year plan goes for 5.95 dollars per month, the 2 year plan goes for 4.95 dollars per month and the 3 year plan goes for 3.95 dollars per month.

The VPS web hosting services from HostPapa has a total of three tiers of both Windows and Linux based web hosting i.e. VPS-Pro, VPS-Plus and VPS-Premium. The VPS plus package starts at 49.99 dollars per month and boasts of 1.5GB of RAM, a four core C.P.U, unlimited monthly data transfers and 50 GB of storage. Linux VPS pro starts at 79.99 dollars per month and instead of a four core processor, this package comes with an eight core processor, 100 GB storage space and 3GB of RAM. The VPS premium package starts at 149 dollars per month and boosts the storage to 200 GB storage space.

Windows based VPS hosting is much similar to Linux based system, except that VPS plus has a total of 2GB of RAM while the VPS pro has a total of 4GB of RAM. As it is the norm with web hosting space, windows hosting costs a little more than Linux based hosting. Incase you find the VPS package a little bit limiting, there a number of add-ons that will let you allow you purchase an additional 1GB OF RAM at 20 dollars a month. This is an exceedingly great way to boost your server without necessarily moving to another server.

Feature of Hostpapa

Unlike a majority of the web hosting companies, HostPapa is a purely PHP oriented web hosting service company, hence they do not offer python, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Perl FastCGI. Host Papa features are 100 per cent compatible with the normal PHP open source projects such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupla. Furthermore, their hosting solution makes use of Softaculous and cPanel to make their services user friendly. The cPanel has a user friendly interface thereby allowing the customers to save both effort and time when administering their websites. Softaculous also automates the installation of open source and commercial web applications to a website. By purchasing any of their plans, you are going to get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosting domains, unlimited email hosting and unlimited FTP.

Building a Website

The companies drag and drop website builder is exceedingly easy to use. However, the features, which are available to use, are entirely tied to the hosting type or package that you will select. A great example is that the premium website builder is available to Business-Pro and Business users. The company additionally, allows you to install WordPress, as content management system, however, it is not for WordPress hosting.


Website owners who are business minded have numerous options, which allows the owners to let visitors purchase their products. HostPapa offers the Zen Shopping Cart and OS Commerce Cart selling platforms. 


Each of the shared hosting plan includes monitoring, firewall intrusion detection and Cloud anti-spam protection. The Business pro users receive several advanced features with no additional costs such as a domain privacy, automatic website backups and SSL certificates. In case you have a business or starter plan, then you can purchase these features as add-ons. All the VPS plans include password-protected directories, nightly security updates and brute force protection.

Customer Service

HostPapa offers a round the clock web chat, phone support and ticketing. Furthermore, the company also offer telephone conferencing and one on one video conferencing with the company’s team of experts.

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