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How to Add Free SSL in WordPress – Your Complete Guide To SSL

Welcome to our post: How to Add Free SSL in WordPress – Your Complete Guide To SSL.

The possibilities concerning the Internet are many and people try to make their access easier every day. Since 2003, WordPress represents the free website management system which provides many resources of hosting services and blogging to their clients.

To host a WordPress website is not as easy as it seems, but not very difficult either. The system provides to users lots of templates, themes, plugins and other features. Many of them are able to customize their websites on their own wishes, while others try to develop a large business with it. A very common question, often asked by users, is how to add free SSL in WordPress and what are the benefits or the disadvantages of the SSL.

How to Add Free SSL in WordPress Basics

Anyone can learn how to add free SSL in WordPress, with some researches and a bit of patience, but you have to find out what SSL really means to find out how to use it.

The SSL represents one of the most important components of online business. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology, which establishes a secure connection between the server and the client. SSL protects millions of people every day, mostly when they use an online transaction or when they send confidential information. In a shorter version, the SSL is the letter “s” from HTTPS. When people understand what it means, they are able to find how to add free SSL in WordPress.

First Steps

The first important thing is to create an account on a cloud DNS service and after registering the site will lead you to some steps to follow. Of course, there are many other options beside DNS, but this is a fast and safe way. The next step is choosing a flexible SSL, because it won’t require you to buy the certificate, and as the Cloud Flare website provides secure traffic already, the WordPress site address must be updated. At this moment, you should be able to access your home page, but the page will still show the HTTP, so to be sure that your pages are secured the legacy content will have to be updated.

If there is a small website, you can manually update the URL by editing each page from the website, but if the website is larger, you could do it with few MySQL queries in a SQL tab. After updating the legacy content, you can already change yourdomain.com with your actual domain. When you’re finished running the queries, you will refresh the permalinks from the wordpress Settings¬†tab.The links and menus can now be accessed as HTTPS.


There could be some issues, depending on the theme and plugins used, and you might receive warnings in the address bar. When the errors are considered assets, make sure to properly en-queue JavaScript, because it’s useless to hardcode the URL that begins with HTTP. At this level, the green padlock should already appear when visiting the website, so the last step is done.

Cloud Flare creates a flexible SSL easy and for free, but people should know that a flexible SSL doesn’t mean the full SSL. The fact that people use SSL without a certificate, led to controversy. The problem was that the flexible SSL doesn’t encrypt the second half of the connection journey, even if the green padlock is shown there. This is not an issue for a small website or blog, but it is critical for the future of the Internet.

Make Sure To Redirect!

Another problem, when you learn how to add free SSL in WordPress, is the fact that you have the website for a while and other users have already bookmarked you with the old HTTP. In this case, you have to redirect all the HTTP requests to the HTTPS, by placing the code .htaccess in your website and you can add it without problems.

But, if the .htaccess already exists, nothing has to be changed between the lines # BEGIN WordPress and # END WordPress. Those are managed by WordPress and it’s not allowed to change them, otherwise the content will get overwritten.

Transforming the website from HTTP from HTTPS means that you’ve done a big improvement to your site, by protecting it and by learning new things about it. When you start to know how to add free SSL in WordPress, you learn a lot of useful tips about your website, about connection, about protecting your domain, generally about Internet, because it represents the most largest global system and we have to know how to work with it and what are the risks of using it.

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