How to Create a Blog in WordPress – Useful Information

Welcome to our post: How to Create a Blog in WordPress – A Step By Step Guide.

Starting a blog can be a scary thing to do. This little guide will help even those with the most basic set of computer skills on how to Create a Blog in WordPress. It shouldn’t matter if you are 10 or 90, your blog site can be up and running in approximately 20 minutes.

Creating a blog you can endure many mistakes that, if you follow this guide correctly then you can just skip all the mistakes. The WordPress blogging software is one of the easiest, most popular and customizable blogging site to use.

Who is WordPress for?

WordPress is really for anyone. As you need no prior knowledge of this or any other blogging software. It will help you and your blog starting off looking professional. If you are more serious about looking super professional you can pay for a web host or a domain name.

In order for your blog site to be posted online, you will eventually have to buy a web host/domain name, but you won’t have to do that until you are ready to go online. Just using WordPress on your computer will still help you in starting to master WordPress. You can also use WordPress for business or personal reasons, it’s your choice really.

What is there to use?

1) The WYSIWYG The editor is where you enter all of your website content.

2) The media library, which allows you to manage all your photos, videos, sound files, and any other sort of media you would like to share on your site.

3) The WordPress settings.

4) There are 2 main ways you can set up your home page.

5) There is a contact form you can fill out for visitors to your site to contact you if needed.

6) There is also an About Us page that you can fill out.

7) You can set up navigation for your page whether it be in the header, sidebar, or the footer of your page.

8) You can change the layout of your blog site in just a few clicks. Layouts are also called “Themes” in the world of WordPress. To change your theme you just have to go into Appearance on the left menu.

How to Create a Blog in WordPress And Publish A Post

On the menu, there is also a “Posts” tab. Once you click on it, you will see the default post, as on every new WordPress blog. To delete any unwanted posts there is a trash button underneath the post. To add new posts all you have to do is click the “Add New” tab up on the top of the page.

Once you hit the add new button you will enter into the editor screen, where you can add the title of your new post, and underneath you can start writing your content.

To add media to your content, just click the “add media” button and “select files” to choose your media and upload it, and lastly hit “insert into post” to add it to your content. Now, once you are finished writing your content for your blog hit the “publish” button.

Promoting your blog

Now, designing and writing content is just the beginning of creating a blog. You will need to spend time also promoting your blog, not just writing on it. This is essential especially when you first start your blog. A big way to promote your blog is by using your own social media, such as posting links on your Facebook page, Twitter, and even your Instagram.

This usually promotes your friends to read your blog, but also gets them to share your link on to their friends and so on. If you have a high-quality blog, with high-quality content, then posting your site on social media could even get your blog to go viral. Not only are new readers good for your new blog, but you also want to make sure your current blog visitors are coming back!

Email marketing plays a big role is getting people to come back, as you can send out emails when you post something new. You do this by collecting the email addresses of your visitors, and you will be able to send them emails, but you have to have their permission first.


So first you must start an account with WordPress. After that you can learn and navigate yourself for a while before putting your blog out there, or right away you can purchase a web host/domain name so people can instantly start visiting your blog. As WordPress goes, you don’t need any experience in blogging, almost everything is easy to use.

There are many different ways to customize and design your page for your liking. Definitely, don’t forget to promote your blog. If your blog is big enough you could even start making money from it. You can sell your own products, services, write reviews of products on your blog. You can also even sell advertising space. Google Adsense works great for ads on your blog.

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