What is a Domain Name & How to Buy One

It does not matter whether you are a budding business owner, a newbie blogger, or a recognized company, creating an online presence generally begins with obtaining a domain name supporting your personal or professional website. A domain name can be purchased either by purchasing and registering an active domain name that’s available for sale or by creating as well as registering an original name.

What exactly is a domain name?

A domain name is considered to be the initial step toward acquiring a piece of online “real estate” which becomes a website's home for personal or business usage – a name which stands in for actual Internet Protocol or IP address of a website, which is just a unique group of numbers. At present, numerous domain names are being used around the world and a lot more are being generated on a regular basis and made unique via an expanding list of extensions which include the popular .com as well as .net, and also more market-specific ones, for example, .photo or .church. A domain name actually points to the site it serves, in order that it is possible to find the site in searches.

The cost of purchasing a domain name differs extensively which will depend on the type of transaction involved. Website hosting providers might consist of a free domain name along with a hosting service agreement, or charge less than one dollar on an advertising hosting offer, while conventional domain name registrars and hosting rates might run considerably higher.

A pre-existing domain name might sell for plenty of dollars by means of a private sale or at a domain marketplace or an auction which will depend on various aspects like its traffic statistics or search engine rankings. In addition to the price of the domain name on its own, other costs might consist of charges for hosting, or for transferring or setting up a domain name from one particular host to a new one.

Purchasing a unique domain name from scratch

For a lot of users, the initial step in the journey towards creating a steady and trustworthy online identity will be to create a domain name which usually consists of brainstorming an appealing and original domain name or using an online domain name generator for creating one. Having an already planned name, users are able to make use of name search tools or they might perform a simple Google search to verify if the name can be found or if any other name in use is causing any confusion.

“Buying” a domain name does not necessarily indicate owning the name once and for all by doing a one-time purchase. A standard domain name purchase that involves an original name actually implies that purchasers pay for the right to preserve the name for their personal use exclusively. If a user wants to purchase rights to a domain name, it is imperative for him to register it via a hosting provider for terms which range from one year to a number of years or with a domain registrar directly. A user ought to renew the registration once it expires for keeping rights to the name or he might lose the name altogether.

Even though creating a unique domain name might establish an innovative and original online identity for any business or individual, it might consume effort and time for yielding traffic as well as visibility, and this is true in case the new domain name is not properly optimized for appropriate keywords. The new domain name purchasers are often suggested to purchase as many identical names as possible so as to reduce confusion in the long run.

Purchasing an already existing domain name

On some occasions, it will be a sensible idea to buy an existing domain name as compared to creating a completely new one. As compared to a brand new domain serving a site without any content or backlinks from the other websites, a domain name which has been in circulation for a while might have more traction with the major search engines out there. Some of the domains which are up for purchase might already have content, for example, an established blog or a complete homepage, that saves the purchaser the expense as well as time for developing a fresh site from scratch. All these sites might likewise be getting traffic or making money, which provides an immediate boost to the new owner.

There are different reasons why domain names become obtainable for sale at present. Some may have been purchased as original names but never used. While some might stand for websites which were created but abandoned once a business closed, or any user stopped renewing the domain name and maintaining the site, others become available due to a practice referred to as cyber squatting where large numbers of domain names are purchased by the marketers for taking them out of circulation and reselling them at higher rates.

An already existing domain name can be purchased by the buyers in a number of ways. Auctions for domain names make names obtainable for bids which can start at under $10 and even range into the thousands for a particularly desirable and keyword-rich name. Names that are expired or placed by the owners up for sale can also be listed such that users are able to find a name they want and also pay the price. It is likewise feasible to directly approach any domain name's owner and offer to purchase it in a personal transaction.

Despite the fact that purchasing a pre-existing domain name is beneficial, these domains might likewise include baggage. It is important for prospective buyers to make certain that they are purchasing a name that isn't related to a website having a suspicious reputation, or one which is full of backlinks to bad websites or even afflicted with malware.

Buying an existing domain name offers downright ownership of the name to the buyer. However, it is nevertheless important to register it under the name of the new owner along with the proper fees paid to a hosting company or registrar, while the new owner has the responsibility for renewing the registration at the proper time.

Get going online with the appropriate domain name

A domain name is going to set the tone for your presence on the web and it might take time as well as effort to find the appropriate one. Nevertheless, with options varying from totally free to even five figures, a domain name can be purchased by anybody on practically any budget for launching a brand or a business.

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